31 Mar 2010

Hazy Studio The End Is Here…

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I’m sorry to announce that hazystudio is getting shut down. This is due to the yearly 120 dollar hole a year in my pocket plus the cost of themes. Though I had a few great viewers who cared enough to comment I can’t afford this any more. The bounce rate on the site is ridiculously hight and time on site is under a minute and that leads me to believe that no one really cares. So if you are subscribed to this rss and enjoy the site comment now or forever hold your peace “I think that’s how it goes”. If I can see enough love from the viewers letting me know they care I may reconsider or if any one has ideas on how to get less bounce rate and more views I may stay a bit longer.

5 Responses to “Hazy Studio The End Is Here…”

  1. Ahmed Sleem says:

    Man you are still young, I mean you should not give up that easy! listen mate, if thought that building a website and managing it will be easy, you are WRONG!!

    If you really want it go for it, I believe that you need at least 2 years of making your website active and up to be famous. So after all it’s up to you.

    Anyway I’m still a fan of Hazy Studio…

  2. Argasio says:

    This is an april fool right?

  3. Maryellen H. Valencia says:

    She is beginning a second project on criminal profilers with the goal of reading casting archival practices against the logics of criminal database organization. She is interested in comparing the diagnostic and predictive dimensions of each field and how these disparate sites of knowledge and visual production reflect and impact wider socio-cultural beliefs about the visibility of essential and inessential “differences” in the US. She is also the co-director of the Critical Visions Certificate , a joint effort between faculty in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning and the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences aimed at teaching students how to effectively combine critical theory and social analysis with art, media, and design practice, and co-curator of Artless Photographs , which will be on view for the month of October at the University Galleries on Sycamore . The exhibition examines documentary images taken in a range of institutional contexts that record exacting details about individual bodies and identities, while also generating diagnostic and predictive typologies. Through events as distinct as model castings in New York’s fashion industry, exhumations in post-conflict Spain, identity card sittings in a Cambodian refugee camp, and ethnographic and scientific observations in Siberia, Scandinavia, and Canada, the exhibition compels viewers to think critically about the power and utter mundanity of photographs and the practices that produce them. It is part of the Cincinnati FOTOFOCUS biennial.

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