21 Dec 2009

Top Ten AE Tutorial Sites of 09′

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Well folks the year is coming to an end, so I thought I would share the Top Ten After Effects Tutorial Sites of 09′. There are other sites, but I found these to be worthy of sharing. Stay tuned for the other Top Ten of 09′ posts. Be sure to bookmark these excellent sites! Oh and bookmark hazystudio.com of coarse!

The List

The list is not in order of best to worst, just in the order that I put them to.

Video Copilot

Video Copilot

Video Copilot is a very popular After Effects tutorial site if not the most popular.

Motion Works

Motionworks is an amazing site, the tutorials on this site are top notch.

Max After

MaxAfter features some sweet tutorials for After Effects and 3Ds Max.


Maltaannon.com has some excellent tutorials for After Effects as well as some free plug ins!

LFP Industries

This site features many tutorials on how to create effects seen in the hit TV show Heroes.

Layers Magazine

Layers Magazine has tutorials for every Adobe program and some descent After Effects tutorials.

Gray Machine

Gray Machine has some awsometacular tutorials defiantly worth a look.


A plentiful amount of tutorials and freebies.

Creative Cow

A legend itself creative cow is a pioneer of the tutorial sites maybe not the first but sure is up there.

Ae Tuts+

Ae Tuts+ is a fantastic member of the tuts+ family check it out its updated several times a week.

Thats a Wrap

This concludes the Top Ten AE Tutorial Sites of 09′ be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed.

11 Responses to “Top Ten AE Tutorial Sites of 09′”

  1. Ahmed Sleem says:

    Thats so right mate, these are really the best website for After Effects Tutorials :), and hope fully one day http://www.ahmedsleem.com (Creative Minds Lab) will be just below the Video Copilot. 😀

  2. Ahmed Sleem says:

    Hey Patrick, wake up… are you still breathing?!!

  3. Patrick Riley says:

    Ha yours is also great though English is needed but I’m breathing alive and well but ive been working on an application for Android based phones i shall be back shortly.

  4. Ahmed Sleem says:

    Thanks mate…

    Good luck with your application and hope to see ya soon

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