09 Dec 2009

Top Ten C4D Tutorial Sites of 09′

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Well folks the year is coming to an end, so I thought I would share the Top Ten C4D Tutorial Sites of 09′. There are other sites, but I found these to be worthy of sharing. Stay tuned for the other Top Ten of 09′ posts.

The List

The list is not in order of best to worst, just in the order that I put them to.

Greyscale Gorilla

Okay this site is one of my all time favorites, its run by Nick Campbell who has done some pretty famous work in the Motion Design Industry. Read more about him on his about page.

C4D Cafe

This is an excellent website, featuring contests, forums, and everyone there is good people.

C4D Training

This is a great site for video tutorials and learning some of Cinema 4D’s Capabilities.

CG Tuts+

This site not only contains amazing Cinema 4D tutorials but many other 3D program tutorials.

Creative Cow

Creative Cow I don’t think their is a tutorial website with more history then this.

Kreative Domain

This website focuses heavily on Cinema 4D and Realflow.

Leah Raeder

Covers some nice topics such as setting up a default start up scene.

Motion Works

These tutorials are AMAZING they are extremely helpful for making title sequences and advertisements.

Pariah Studios

This site is excellent for learning how to use the hair module in Cinema 4D and teaching some of C4D’s Tags.

Sketchy Pictures

This site is great for learning cool text effects in C4D.

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  1. ahmed Sleem says:

    nice collection, keep it up.

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  3. Jeff says:

    Nice list thanks for posting :).

  4. Bill Jenkins says:

    Thanks for this super blog.

  5. John Mischo says:

    Hi, good information sir. I will continue to visit your site. Conggrat.you have one more followers now 🙂

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