Top Ten C4D Tutorial Sites of 09′

Well folks the year is coming to an end, so I thought I would share the Top Ten C4D Tutorial Sites of 09′. There are other sites, but I found these to be worthy of sharing. Stay tuned for the other Top Ten of 09′ posts.

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Hazy Studio Top Ten Sites of 09′


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Shooting Night Time Photography

In this article I will address the basics of night/low light photography. And also show a few examples I have recently done to show the different ways you can shoot at night.

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Cartoon Octopus In Cinema 4D

This tutorial will show you how to make a cartoon octopus.

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Part #1:Cool 3D Text

This tutorial is part 1 of 2 that will teach you how to achieve this cool 3D text effect. The tutorial will show you step by step how to achieve the effect. You can adapt this tutorial to create awesome effects.

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3D Tutorials

Coming Soon…

Real Soon…

Like No Joke…


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Tutorial Requests

Request Tutorials!

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Create Facial Hair In Photoshop

In this video tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create facial hair In Photoshop.

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HDR Tutorial Part 2 Software

This tutorial is a video tutorial on using photomatix.

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