20 Jan 2010

Lens Baby Muse Review

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What is a Lens Baby?

A Lens Baby is an unconventional lens, created by Craig Strong. The Lens Baby’s do not focus like traditional lenses, they have whats called a “Sweet Spot” which allows you to tilt the lens and focus on what you want, and everything outside of the “Sweet Spot” will be gradually blurred. If I was asked to describe the effect Lens Baby’s create I couldn’t, but this article from PopPhoto may help.

Is It Hard to Use?

Though it may take some people a matter of minutes to master this lens, it may take awhile for others. I myself don’t even think i have come close to being an expert with this lens, there are just too many possibilities to claim that.

Is It Versatile?

Ya probably the most versatile lens I own! Currently I have the macro kit for mine, there are also several others such as wide angle and step up shade. Click here for full list of accessories. Not only are there accessories but a whole optic swap system, allowing you to swap between a plastic, glass, double glass, and more! Click here for the full list of optics.


Here are some shots I have taken with my Lens Baby Muse so far. Note that I have the 2x Glass optic in mine and some photographs have the macro conversions on. Click images to see larger versions.

Taken with Lens Baby Muse, with macro conversion kit using both the +4 and +10.

Rockem Sockem

Using the +4 macro I believe.


I may have used the +4 macro conversion on this but im not sure.

Four Wheeler

Taken with the Lens Baby Muse.

Conclusion (final thoughts)

If you are passionate about photography and want a to get some really unique shots, then get a Lens Baby. Not only do the base lens’s allow for a unique style of photography and with the accessories available your creativity is nearly unlimited.

Lens Baby Muse Review
The quality of the parts are strong and sturdy.
Is it worth it?www.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.com
While some people may say this is more for fun and not worth it, I have made it part of my arsenal.
With a ton of accessories available you can shoot some really cool stuff.
Overall the Lens Baby Muse is great and should be in your camera bag!.
Sorry about the lame star system, if you have any ideas for a rating system leave a comment below.

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