23 Feb 2010

Turn A Person Into A Vampire

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Hey guys sorry for the absence I’ve been slacking off but I’m back and with a sweet tutorial! For this tutorial you will need a photo of your own or this one here. Its best to just watch them on youtube where you can see them better.

Part 1

Part 2

9 Responses to “Turn A Person Into A Vampire”

  1. Ahmed Sleem says:

    SEXY! I love vampy girls,
    Thanks for the tut and keep up the good works

  2. Free Font Software says:

    Awesome! With all the vampire crazes going on these days this will be very popular =]

  3. GraphicPusher says:

    Hey, nice and easy to follow tutorial, though i noticed something that made the image wierd after thinking of it…
    The teeths you select are not on the same opposite spot.
    One is located as the 3rd teeth to the left and the other is the 2nd to the right.

    Anyways, if you ever feel like gettin some more views you can always post your image and link to tutorial on my site. (www.GraphicPusher.tk) cause i see you got some nice skills. 🙂
    You don’t need to sign up, just post. 😛

  4. Patrick Riley says:

    Hahahah I didn’t even notice that i messed up i had done the tutorial almost all the way through and it messed up so i did it again and kinda fast ha oh well people get the idea. And thanks ill be sure to add my tutorial links to your site thank you.

  5. Patrick Riley says:

    Yup, thats why I made it ha.

  6. New Designer says:

    Patrick, Very Nice tut. I’ll make a lot of people look like a vamp soon!
    I was wondering if you can make a Tut on how to simulate body painting on a girl (like adding a logo over her naked body that will look like paint… and the logo will go all around the different curves).

    Please give me some hints!



  7. Patrick Riley says:

    Sorry, i cannot do anything involving “nude” photos or content, however i can do a tutorial on how to make facepaint “body paint” or like a tatoo of that sort, there are tons out their but ill try and make one that looks photo realistic for you. “if at all possible” expect the tutorial in about a week or so. Thanks

  8. how to cook turkey says:

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